Safety Guidelines

South Boston Neighborhood Aid Network relies on neighbors helping neighbors in times of crisis.

We also rely on neighbors to monitor their own health and safety and follow established guidelines to prevent spreading illness and putting themselves and others at risk.

Sometimes the best way to help your neighbors
is to stay home and avoid exposing them to illness.

Please review the guidelines below prior to participating in a volunteer activity.

Safety Guidelines for Flyering

Traditional door-to-door flyering presents many risks for the people distributing flyers as well as anyone who receives one or comes in contact with a flyer or distributor. Anyone on either side of the door may be immunocompromised or a carrier of the virus.

For those reasons, we do not recommend traditional door-to-door flyering. The risks are too great.

There are a lot of ways you can still get word out about the SB Neighborhood Aid Network – and some do involve our flyer, which you can download here.

Some ideas for raising awareness without going door to door:

  • Post flyers in businesses people are still likely to visit, such as grocery stores, pharmacies, and packies. Always ask for permission. Bring multiple copies so they can be posted at every entrance!

  • Post flyers on bus stops, telephone poles, and other highly visible places in high-traffic areas

  • Use sidewalk chalk to share our website, hotline or facebook page on your sidewalk

  • Create a poster or sign for your front window or stoop visible to neighbors and passersby

  • Email a digital version to your neighbors – download it here

  • Post the flyer to Facebook, Nextdoor, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever other social platforms you use

Have a great idea for safely letting your neighbors know about this resource? Tell us at!

Safety Guidelines for Deliveries/Drop-offs

Click here to download this document.

Cleanliness and Risk Reduction for Deliveries to High Risk Individuals

Many thanks to Brookline Mutual Aid for developing and sharing this resource.